Today’s Wonder of the Day was inspired by Victoria. Victoria Wonders, “How was Wonderopolis created?” Thanks for WONDERing with us, Victoria!

Calling all Wonder fans—today’s Wonder is for you! If you’re here, you already know how much you can learn and how much fun you can have on Wonderopolis. But have you ever wondered…about Wonderopolis? How did it start? Who writes Wonders of the Day? Why did we make Wonderopolis? Let’s wonder together! 

First, let’s talk about who created Wonderopolis. The National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) created Wonderopolis in 2010. NCFL has been around long before that, though. NCFL was founded in 1989. Since then, NCFL has worked to make sure that kids, adults, and families can learn what they need to be successful. Part of that work is making learning fun for kids! In 2010, NCFL wanted to make a place where kids and grown-ups can learn and explore new ideas together. And that is the whole idea behind Wonderopolis!  

Today, NCFL’s Wonder Team continues to wonder, research, and write Wonders of the Day—with your help! And now we come to the next part of our wondering for today: how does a Wonder get made? You may already know that all of our Wonders of the Day begin with YOUR questions! You can submit one here.

Of course, we receive a lot of great questions. We save them all and make a list of when to answer which questions. Next, Wonder writers here at NCFL start researching. We learn as much as we can about the topic. Then we write the body of a Wonder. But that’s not all! We choose pictures and a video about the topic that will help our readers learn even more. We create fun activities so that kids and their grown-ups can put their learning into practice. We also make the Wonder Word Challenge and the Did You Get It? quiz. Then, the new Wonder of the Day is ready to be published on Wonderopolis! 

Wonders of the Day are great for learning new things—things you may never have thought about! But what if you already have a question in mind? Did you know that you can search for any Wonder? Use the search bar to type in a word or phrase that you would like to learn more about. You will see a list of Wonders about that topic. (If you don’t, then please add your question to the Wonder Bank!)

We also have a page called “Collections,” where you can find Wonders organized around certain topics. For example, you can find all the Wonders that have to do with Black history. We have over 50 so far, and counting. Interested in the environment? Careers? You can also find collections of these Wonders here. These can be a great place to start if you want to learn about a broad topic.

Researching, writing, and organizing Wonders is a lot of hard work—and a lot of fun! Would YOU like to give it a try?

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